Introducing the Agora
From Ancient Greece to the modern world, the need for conversation and debate is a universal truth for successful democracy.
International Franchising
One of the world's leading experts on the legalities of international franchising launches a new book aimed at fellow attorneys worldwide.
How to Climb the Golden Gate
Capturing the high flying electrical linemen who work atop America's most iconic bridge.
Ride of Their Lives [a 30 second local TV spot]
Meet the workers who've spent their careers keeping up San Francisco's iconic cable cars
A New Kind of School
College educators and local schools team up for a whole new kind of classroom.
Big Leaps, Tiny Robots
Published by: NPR, Washington Post, New York Times
Gulf Coast Crisis: Stopping the Next Spill
A researcher from the Gulf Coast dedicates his career to ensuring the future of oceans worldwide.
Our Own Sweet Baltimore
An end-of-year message to those who work to make the community a better place.
An American Comeback [a national network TV ad]
This television commercial aired for more than a year on major U.S. networks, including CBS, Fox, MSNBC and CNN, reaching more than 300 million viewers.
Surprise! Here's How Babies Really Learn
This video was featured on ABC's Good Morning America and CNN, plus the web properties of the Washington Post, NPR, Time, the Daily Mail, Huffington Post and the Atlantic. It received more than 100,000 social media views.
Explore the Core [5 promos for social media]
Building better neighborhoods means showing them at their very best. These 15-second spots were used for a social media campaign.
Buzz for Your Brain
Scientists prove caffeine is good for your memory. We take them to a cozy cafe to discuss.
Behind the Border Wall [a photo series]
A visit to "the most heartbreaking place in America."
From Jail to Joy
Former criminal offenders get a new lease on life thanks to an innovative workplace program.
Googling the Guest
A corporate executive gets a fitting welcome to campus.
Bugs & Chocolate Bars [15 second videos for Instagram]
We only had 15 seconds, and still had to tell a story. Here's how we did it on Instagram.
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